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The BIG 6.8 ammo and component sale - broken down

I was going to upgrade my older LWRC guns to the newer Pmag style and realized both guns had a combined 400 rounds through them, so I really can't justify having this much tied up in a round I don't shoot when I also have 308 and 5.56. This will be cross posted, first come first serve and preference to those wanting bulk items. Trades WILL be accepted, but cash values are at a whored out price so please don't expect retail for your stuff while offering pennies for mine.

Ammo - All SOLD
2 boxes (40 rounds) Fusion MSR 115 gr
2 boxes SSA 115 gr OTM
2 boxes SSA 140 gr VLD Berger
7 boxes Hornady 110 gr Vmax
5 boxes SSA 115 gr OTM
2 boxes (and 10 rounds in the 3rd) of PCA 110 gr Hornady Vmax
1000 rounds of the UN Ammo 90 gr Bonded bullet stuff Howie sells (two 500 round cases)
18 boxes S&B 110 gr FMJ (60 rounds are loose and were in mags)
200 rounds of loaded 110 Amax (loaded by a board member, it shot sub MOA out of my 16 inch LWRC in SSA brass and very soft shooting)

Reloading components
new in box RCBS 3 die set - $30 shipped
New in box Lee factory crimp - SOLD
2 650 round boxes of Speer TNT 90 gr bullets - All SOLD
303 pieces of once fired SSA brass -all brass SOLD
28 pieces of once fired Remington brass
41 pieces of once fired Hornady brass
49 pieces of once fired S&B brass


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Apparently I can't PM MDWS. Prices are as follows broken up.

Speer bullets are at cheapest .25 per bullet, or $169 per box, or $340 together.
$140 each box of 650 shipped for these (2 boxes) - 1 box Sold, one avail

Brass seems to be selling at .35 a piece so I will go a bit under for ALL of it.
$140 shipped - SPF waiting on check.

$30 shipped on the RCBS dies
Crimp die SPF

Going by post and PM time stamp, and priority goes to those buying multiple things if I get multiple requests. Offering less than asking price puts you at the back of the line. Payment by paypal gift or add 3%.

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Price Drop - $140 shipped on the TNT bullets, can't go any cheaper on the RCBS dies since even flat rate is $7 now.
If you'll do $150 shipped on the TNT's and the dies, consider them sold, can PayPal you right away. If not, no hard feelings. It's only $20 less than you're asking. Thanks.
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