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Thanks COLD!!!

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I have been resurrected. Your hard work is much appreciated and good job holding down the site and all the techie bs associated with it.

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Glad to see you back but what did I miss:confused:
Im getting to things albeit slowly.
Lol well you have been a busy guy, speaking of which I now you missed my post about surefire having a thread and are they? have a few questions for them.
I see I should probably change my avatar -- sorry for squatting on your's!!!!!!!!!!
no worries biscut I keeped reading your posts cause I thought there were mine and was trying to remember I wrote that then realized it was you lol!
The wizards hiding in my laptop had me re-register so previously I never existed...gave me a perfect opportunity tro change my avatar. You should not be scratching your head wondering WTF - why did I post that?
Those damn wizards...they jacked my whole compauter about 6 months ago :( I was able to at least save most of my info :)
1 - 4 of 12 Posts