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We hunt the border of Eastland (most of the ranch) and Callahan (small sliver) counties west of Cisco. We didn't see much of any mature legal deer either. I had two on camera but that was about it. There was an abundance of odd racked deer. Saw one 8 pt and the rest were 3, 5, 7, 9 and a couple forkies. With the antler restrictions ( that's a topic in itself) we have to let a lot of deer walk. Saw a bunch that were pushing 12 -12.5 inches and real tall that I know are in that 4 yr old range but legally can't take. We are getting to the point where we aren't gonna be able to shoot anything but spikes and 3's. Didn't see many does either.

We didn't see the hogs like we usually do either. I think total we killed 8 maybe 10. Usually we kill that many just in bow season between 3 of us.

Windmills were supposed to go in last year but now they are saying this summer so it'll be interesting.
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