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Texas Boars new Terminotar red/green led scopelight review

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Just got this in, the new Texas Boars Terminator Green/Red LED Weapon mounted light
Designed primarily for night time hog hunting which is legal in Texas by Kevin Ryers of TexasBoars.com

It's on my 5.56 with a ADM mount and a Trijicon TR21 Amber triangle 3-9 scope.

the scope and mount will get camopainted to match the new 6.8 upper I have coming in from AR15Performance.com

Up close shot of Terminator light, note that it has a weaver rail on the bottom of it, you simply mount the supplied ring on your scope up side down and then attach on/off via the thumb screw, very clean and simple. (to use on a stand, simply use a 1" piece of PVC instead of the scope and affix to your stand)

ooh.. green and red LEDs (also works as a bloodlight)

close shot from right left side

Battery attched to right side of stock

Right side of gun:

Front view:

Side view with momentary on/off switch (if you want to make it on all the time just use the supplied velcro strap over the switch (tried it))

view from the optical testing platform I built for the kids in the back corner of our yard

Deer are usually out around 100-125 yards, that's the corrider they seem to travel, had no problem seeing them with the scope last night and it was very overcast and dark, completely invisible with the naked eye. will try to get some night time pics (note the bolt is out of the gun for testing)
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