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Texas 2016 Opening weekend

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So far I would say the 2016 hunting season is working out pretty well. Opening morning I shot what I'm calling the bull spike. He was a old very healthy deer. He was shot at about 105 yards with the 110 gr. Accubonds reloads. Wednesday morning I had two more participants come to the feeder, first was a Sika doe at first light and then about 45min. later a Sika buck showed up, both were shot with the 90 gr. Gold Dots reloads also........then the work began.
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Beautifully odd buck. There's something to be said about unusual deer. A buddy of mine has a 6pt with a 22" inside spread mounted.
Congrates.....very good hunt.
Wow...what an amazing "spike"...must be one in a million like that
1 - 5 of 5 Posts