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Texas vs the rest!

  • Born and raised

    Votes: 30 31.6%
  • Born but no longer reside

    Votes: 2 2.1%
  • Live there now but not born there

    Votes: 20 21.1%
  • Best...I mean Rest of the US

    Votes: 43 45.3%

Texans are taking over!

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Well since Paulo screwed the pooch :D on the poll I started in Team Members Forum he said to go ahead and start a new poll out here.

From Original post:

Thought this could be a fun poll. I have really been noticing we have alot of Texas members, maybe the hunting is better out there and everybody has caught wind of the 6.8 :D I love Texas and this is nothing bad about Texas nor its inhabitants, just thought it would be intreresting to see how many Texans there are to a Non Texans. I think it's going to be signifant enough that we could group Texas as one catergory vs the rest of the US.
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Sure try to bash Texas... but you can own whatever firearms you want down here. Being a gun forum, I figured that would count for something.
We too can own pretty much anything, but still have the "no concealed carry" issue. We do have open carry, which has been tested heavily as of late.
I wouldn't mind visiting Texas, especially for the hog hunting. I don't know if I could adjsut to whitetail that don't hit at least 100# though.
I've been to WI and enjoyed it there. Some of my favorite beverages and enchilada stuffings (cheese) comes from WI.

There are bigger deer here than 100lbs. Some strains tend to be smaller some larger. It depends on the location. However if you want large game you can always hunt the 300+ lb. wild pigs.
Ya'll can say it an then come on down and we can show you if it is true or not. LOL!!!!!!;)
Anyone wanting to discuss the topic with James should keep in mind that is a picture of James not just an ordinary avatar, and he is really 6'5 or 6'6. Enjoy your conversation with him.
Just thought I would add... I think the poll should have an option for people who "don't live in Texas, but wish they did." :D
There are plenty of AF bases for you in Texas. F16's in Fort Worth, C-130's also. Then in Abilene you can fly B1B's. San Antonio is one big AF base.
Yeah, that's what formed my initial opinion of Texans. Back when I had to commute about 25 miles to my job (in SoCal), almost every day I'd encounter somebody driving like an asshole.

In the majority of instances the cars had Texas plates...
Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the fast lane.
LOL! Nice one.
For what it's worth, I don't drink that much beer. More of a Whiskey and Tequilla guy.
Hey, maybe I need to move to Texas.
C'mon down. Your first Summer will be a a shocker to you especially July and August. You'll be smiling in the Winter though, unless you bring your snowmobiles and realize they're not much fun down here.
Oh, I can take the heat. Hell, I've been with the same woman for 22 years.....

Yeah, I would miss using the sleds, but my boys and I have our dirt bikes. I could adjust to a longer riding season.
Truth be told, we have been looking at NM for retirement. I have some extended family down near Santa Fe.
Santa Fe works. I've been skiing there. That's a sportsman's part of the country also.
The problem was, them danged Texans weren't satisfied with just occupying the fast lane. They always tried to drive their single vehicle in all five lanes at the same time!
That's a standard maneuver whenever our laser/radar detectors go off. Kind of like a fighter pilot maneuvering out of a radar lock.

I advise that you do the same maneuver if you notice Texas plated vehicles doing evasive lane changes. The idea is to move out of the laser beam and let "you" the guy following behind get the ticket.

It works well. A couple from NJ who were following me last week had no idea why they received a ticket in Arlington.
That's where I did Basic Training. I remember thinking that Texas would be a nice place to live...if only there weren't so darned many Texans there. ;) :D :D :D
You might like Texas in the Winter then. Many Texans flock to Colorado during ski season, leaving many parts of Texas sparsely populated temporarily.
That's just not right in soo many ways :D but dang funny!

I drove from Ft Wayne IN to South Padre for spring break when I was in college. On the way back home we got pulled over for doing 80 in a 70. The nice officer just smiled and asked if we had a good time and where we stayed, no ticket justhe just said have a nice drive home and come back and visit :D That was a 24 hour drive, 12 of it was in Texas alone!!! Great state!!!
He figured you had already spent all your money on spring break! Not good PR to rub it in when you are leaving.:D
I'm sure the officer was friendly, but he probably figured out some Texan dodged his laser (per my post above) and you got the beam instead.
Haha, We were going North and he was going South, he literally drove through the grass median to turn around and get us :D.
What part of OH are you from? I lived in the Cincinnati area for a few years.
well i am the first to be born and no longer reside but not by my decision but good old uncle sam.
Where does the Navy have you these days? Are you floating around in some ocean?
We have had record snows the last two years (130 plus inches) they can take "global warming" and shove it up thier arse....
you notcied now they have started to call it global climate change? The climante changes every three months or so where I live.....
I actually heard that used in a news report and choked on my drink. The reporter said new studies indicated climate chaos with hot and cold temperatures in store for the world, and it might rain or snow, or may not. Apparently global warming is not holding up to actual science so they changed the name to cover their bases.

Their global climate chaos is Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer to the rest of us.

Oh, Al Gore wasn't really wealthy before he championed climate change. Now that he manages a green investment group, he's worth over $100million. Interesting huh?
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