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Tell me a build.

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I have 1200 for a build, my first.
I plan on using it for deer out to 300 yards in the late season and 100 yrd range play.

A few of my Issac Walton League members have said our range should have a caliber maximum ( Gun control members ?), so this prompt me to a 6.8. I reload and shoot an M700 30-06 (Greek ammo Yeah), had planed for an elk hunt in the future.

Years ago I hated scopes but now love em and plan on scopeing it.
I live an hour away from Brownells.
Your input would be valuable I know very little about AR's.
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the stag 7 has rifle length gas and is good to go there as well. The feedramps are a must, I had them done on my model 7. For the price of the model 7, you could build your own lower (easy to do) and buy a nice upper from arperformance or titan armory.
Parts for the lower are available now. You wont regret building your own rifle. If you feel confident in building then just buy the barrel from one of the above mentioned copmpanies. You need at least the 1/11 twist and SPCII in the barrel. Good Luck with it.
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