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Ted Nugent interviewed on Austin PBS

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This vid has been around, but I watched it again and decided to let you watch it again. I'd say watch it, then pass it around to everyone on your email list. We've seen some quotes and stories from Gabe Suarez that are overflowing with common sense, well Ted Nugent is a poet of common sense.

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I can see it now... "Uncle Ted for President!"
Great story, Doc. But just to be fair, I think uncle Ted is just like everybody else (even tho he is a gifted guitarist) and wants to feel special too. Everybody lies to some extent.. especially to impress somebody. Remember in your teens when you ran across a rather striking female or a "perceived" bigshot friend you haven't seen in awhile and when asked what you did for a living you rolled up some kind of BS cuz you didn't want to look like a nobody that works at Taco Bell or Sears (no offense intended if you work in either of those places)? Psych class called it something but it's been too long for me to remember. Lets just call it the, "I want to be somebody special" syndrome.

I used to know a guy that traveled all over the world and worked for the CIA. He always gave the, "it's hush-hush and I'll have to kill you if I tell you what I do" answer. Until one day he got wasted and actually told me what he does... he was merely a desk jockey with a high clearance level (don't recall how high) but it sure sounded important whenever he mentioned that he worked for the CIA.

So in closing, don't be too hard on ole uncle Ted. For all his millions, reality shows, and autographs, he's still just like everybody else. Perhaps even more so cuz he has all that stuff, that when talking with somebody that has an occupation that he respects, he feels the need to feel special also. You know he respect all the heros of the armed forces and law enforcement cuz he constantly mentions them with the utmost respect.
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Doc, I can appreciate where you are coming from but not everybody has a military or LE background. Yes, in those professions gross lying is the same as gross neglect and is unforgivable. I can also appreciate the honor, discipline, and the pride of serving but most people do not for one reason or another. I also understand the resentment you have for those who have not "earned" the right to even imply that they have the military or LE background or experience. You see, I come from a family that consists mostly of military and law enforcement and have quite a few friends that have been, or are in the military and law enforcement (and even in the medical field). I also, do not see it as a sign of respect when people lie about having "been there and done that" for it merely demeans what those that have done it has had to go thru to achieve the "right" to be a soldier or a law enforcement officer (or a doctor). But again, most people do not see it that way and consider it a harmless exaggeration.

I was not saying that what Uncle Ted was doing/saying is right... I'm just saying, try to understand that most people want to feel special by those same exaggerations and are not trying to belittle the efforts and accomplishments that you and others like you in those fields have achieved. As you yourself posted, "I have been blessed to serve our Nation in the military, law enforcement, and healthcare". All I'm saying is to try and have alittle sympathy for those that have to exaggerate to feel as special as you do. I think it was Art that said, "that it is sad that a successful rock star like Ted Nugent isn't satisfied of his accomplishments as a successful entertainer", or something to that effect.

I'm constantly going thru similar discussions with my family and friends. I also think the school system is manufacturing illiterates and the big corporations are manipulating the economy so they get more control and power which equates to more money and profit for them and little or nothing for us!

Anyways, I'm just a noob, so what the heck do I know?

I do want to thank all those that have served to protect this great nation and the people that call this country home.
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