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I'm still in the research stage, and in the process found this site. I'm thinking of simplifying my collection a bit. I don't really need 4 AR's shooting the same caliber, and am thinking about converting one to 6.8SPC, or at least building a new upper.

I've thought about the 6.5 Grendel as well, but the main purpose of this rifle will be hunting, not shooting 800yds. I don't intend on blasting through a match with it, and probably won't even buy a bunch of hi-caps for it.

Looks like the 6.8SPC world has really taken off whereas the 6.5 Grendel has stagnated due to licensing. Lots of folks are making barrels, brass and bullets now. I'm an avid reloader as well, so this opens things up.

Thinking of probably a SPR weight 18" stainless bbl. I'd be converting this rifle, which currently has a 16" Noveske Recce bbl. I could probably get enough for that bbl to fund the whole switch, since I'm seeing good 6.8 bbls for around $250, and my bbl is still worth at least $450.


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Welcome to the group. Glad you decided to join.

You do have some good SS barrel choices out there right now...

AR15Performance (sponsor, sets the 6.8 performance standard)
Noveske (also a sponsor, their new 6.8 barrels are top shelf)
White Oak Armament also available from Denny's GTS
JTAC Supply's new WOA/Shilen 6.8
Bison Armory's SS barrels (these are coming on strong)

Keep us posted with what you come up with.
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