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Surprise Delivery

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I recieved a box today delivered by FedEx while I was out with the wife shopping.

I looked at the sender's address and it was C-Products. :shock: Prior to finding the group buy I ordered mags from C-Products. I emailed C-Products to cancel my order and then placed a second order with Cold (which I hope I didn't mess up) and C-Products responded that the order was cancelled. :|

Needless to say I was surprised they showed up but I am happy they did come as this will give me plenty of magazines to play with if I get my two from the group buy. All of the mags from C-Products came with a follower that is gray and marked 6.8, the bodies are black with SS stamped on them. I will enjoy checking functioning from most of them. I will of course keep some in the original packaging for later. :D :D :D :D :D

Now I have more than one mag. :lol: :lol: The group buy was better pricing but the slight difference is of no concern for me.

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Yes, I did get the 25 rounders. I don't know when I will be able to get out and try them but I am eager to. I am looking at some of them for round alignment to see if any might need tweaking.
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