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I talked to a guy @ coleman tyler who sttd these are thicker than the vltor mur and he has actually seen one after a round exploded in the upper...he sttd it was still in specs and had only minor nicks ....

sun devil makes lowers for POF but without the mark up...

I purchased the upper for 139.00 and the lower for 139.00 since they were being shipped 2 different places I got dinged 2 x for shipping at 6.85 usps priority....


the build changed to a billet upper and lower.... that price couldnt be beat....

oh...these are the new generation lowers with the checkering
Those are very good prices. The billet LaRue set is $500, and even regular forged AR lowers are increasing in price. I've seen many lately for $115-125, and a RRA for $150.
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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