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Stand One Armory

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These guys are local to me. And have started offering 6.8 loads. I haven't shot them personally.

But have shot plenty of their 9mm and .223 loads. And they are top quality. I have never had any issues out of anything from them and Im probably 7k rounds into them across a few different loads.

Just fyi as they have the bthp, and 120sst loads and less than a dollar a round for those not loading their own. And flat rate shipping.

Another option for ammo out there. I would highly recommend them.

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new bullets, new brass at $18.80/20--- thats cheaper then I can buy the Hornady ammo here locally, sounds like a good deal---hope they are as accurate as the factory loaded stuff and at least as fast
They are good to go. We did a lot of work with them on 6.8 load development and used a lot of their ammo for our own testing.
Good price, is that LC brass in the picture?
It's also .308 in the picture. They are a small company. So still working on the marketing.

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It's also .308 in the picture. They are a small company. So still working on the marketing.
Good on them for finding a niche where they can beat the big boys on performance and price!
This is good news, big question is how hot is it loaded though.
They are telling me they got
2515 on the 110 loads
2370 on the 120

All out of a 16" barrel. This was the most accurate for them.

I picked up a couple boxes of 120 and a box each of the 110's. I'll run them this weekend and see what my rifle can do.

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Ok got to the range and it was packed so none of this was shot for groups. I grabbed a 60 yard bay and shot for speeds.
Wilson 11.3" suppressed. Note the barrel length!

I think ARP barrels are a little faster. But don't have data to prove it.
Again talking with the guys at Stand one their primary goals revolve around accuracy.

So loads:
110 hornady bthp
Avg 2320
Hi 2330
Lo 2311
ES 19
SD 7

110 Vmax
Avg 2263
Hi 2279
Lo 2243
ES 36
SD 13.2

120 SST
Avg 2150
Hi 2157
Lo 2145
ES 12
SD 3. (Nice!)

All Hornday brass. And I wouldn't have an issue hunting with these within reason.
Bthp and SST both had single digit SD.

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