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Stag vs Rock River

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Opinion Needed - Stag Upper 1/11 SPC II Chamber Chrome Lined


Rock River upper 1/10 SPC II Chamber No Chrome Lining

Rock River is claiming 12 Months + for lead times........does RRA use M4 Feed Ramps?


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The stag uses a non standard muzzle threading. It has only the carbine gas system and no M4 ramps. All of these things make it the lower choice IMO. Now matter how great a barrel is or isn't does not mean crap if you gun jams bullet and or has cycling issue etc and accuracy issue as well becasue of this. These issue are well documented if you do a search.

IMO RRA is a better choice for function and accuracy. STAG does have a better spec'd barrel. I think RRA is what I woudl choose. It really is a throw up depdnign how you look at it but I always put function and relaibly above everything else.

Both companies seem to have good customer service.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts