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Stag 5Tl Feedramps & Mags.

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Alright,I am getting paranoid here about the M4 feedramps/lack thereof for the Stag 6.8 weapons.And also the 25 round C-product mags that Stags uses...With my n.i.b.Stag after getting it tricked up,as is happening currently,am I reading everyone correctly that there will/could be,additional expense to have a ramp job done before this piece will/could operate properly?Without the fear of a F.T.F?
Is this what I am seeing here??? Of Course my F.F.L. has an excellent staff of Smiths,I am quite certain they can handle this.It is that additional cost factor,cutting into to my ammo buys......Words from the wise,please?
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Getting the feedramps done shouldn't cost your more than 20 if you do it local. You could ship it out and have ADCO do it, but shipping and labor total around 60. The dealer I bought my stag from did my feedramps for free when I told him it was causing problems with chambering the round. There is also a good do DYI section in the forumson how to do the feedramps with a file or dremel tool. I had the Stag model 7 and it absolutely needed the feedramps.
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