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I just placed a multitude of internet orders.....Stag complete upper with Pete, a few odds-n-ends at Brownells, and a few hundred rounds of ammo at SSA.

I had a 'senior moment' and used the wrong card with one purchase....no problem--I have plenty enough in the account to cover the purchase, but this particular card is firearm unfriendly.....let's hope they don't know what I bought and jack up my interest rate :roll:

Cutting to the chase....I placed my order with SSA. The website accepted the order, but it prompted me to send my proof of age after the order had gone through. I had totally forgotten about this requirement--I usually deal with AIM Surplus, and my info is already on file. I got the scanner up and running, and sent my proof if age via email--no big deal. Not 30 seconds later, the phone rings.....Nancy from Silver State Armory---oh jeeze.....my credit card, right? Nope. She called to request an additional ID for her 'Special Files'......I won't say what it was needed for......but let's just say that SSA is a military friendly company. :wink:

Thank you Nancy--you went above and beyond! And thank you SSA for a very pleasant online shopping experience. I guarantee that you'll be getting more business from me!
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