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SSA dealer referral

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I filled out the dealer referral on the SSA website. When I talked to the owner of the shop that I referred he said that SSA called but he couldn't get to the phone. He is very interested in getting their ammo so he asked me for their number. I gave him the one from the "contact us" link on the SSA site. Is that the best number for him to use to place an order, or is there another phone number?

By the way, has anyone else had a bad experience with hornady 110 vmax not providing enough back pressure to completely lock the bolt back on an empty mag. My friend and I did some testing with the vmax and found that the only way to keep the rifle from short stroking with the last round in the mag was to fire off three or more quick burst. If we only did a quick double tap it would still SS. It had to be exactly three, or we were forced to manually charge the action to get the first round in a fresh mag to feed. This problem did not occur with Hornady's 110 BTHP, just the 110 vmax.
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Not sure how old the ammo is I just bought it this morning, but it is possible it had been at the store for some time. Is there a date on the box so I can see when it was manufactured? I am using an A2 stock so I have a rifle buffer. This did not occur with the other hornady ammo I have just with the vmax, and it happened every time on the last round of the mag unless I rapidly fired off 3 or more in succession. The ammo put off enough pressure to allow the bolt catch to lock the bolt but it would leave the bolt about a half inch short of a full cycle preventing it from stripping off the first round of a fresh mag.

Thanks for the link, I will be sure to direct my dealer to that page of their website.
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