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I received reports from several customers this week that certain caliber ammunition, as well as certain rifles, are beginning to "dry up" at online and local retailers, again.
I can also confirm that there has been a noticeable surge in buying activity at SSA over the last week as well.

Silver State Armory inventory status is as follows, some with limited supply:
5.56 55GR, 20/box OUT OF STOCK
5.56 68GR, 20/box OUT OF STOCK
5.56 77GR, 20/box $17.95
5.56 UP CASE, 100/bag OUT OF STOCK
6.8SPC 85gr Barnes TSX, 20/box $27.72
6.8SPC 90gr Varminter, 20/box $14.98 ON SALE
6.8SPC 95gr SSA Frangible, 20/box OUT OF STOCK
6.8SPC 110gr Barnes TSX, 20/box $27.72
6.8SPC 110gr Sierra Pro Hunter, 20/box $16.59 ON SALE
6.8SPC 110gr AccuBond, 20/box $29.99
6.8SPC 115gr Sierra OTM, 20/box $19.76
6.8SPC 97gr SSA AP, 20/box CALL
6.8SPC UP CASE, 100/bag $40.95
7.62x51 150gr M80 Ball, 20/box $19.78
7.62x51 168gr Sierra OTM, 20/box $24.36
7.62x51 177gr Sierra (M118LR) $24.36
7.62x51 UP CASE, 100/bag $45.95
6mm PPC USA, UP CASE, 100/bag $44.95 Non Benchrest


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If I can get it from you guys I will buy it from you guys, also I am trying to get the guys I work with to do the same. :D

trying to get my local dealer to but I doubt he will, i think most people are buying ammo online now a day.
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