Long story short, I used to do a lot of 6.8 shooting between 2008-2013. I had health issues beyond my control that forced me to sell everything firearm related I owned that didn't have an NFA stamp attached to it. I'm on my 6th move and finally getting sold to unloading this stuff so I don't end up moving it again lol.

I have 271 pieces of Hornady SRP once fired brass. I never reloaded Hornady, so I'm positive w/o a doubt it once fired.

I have 297 pieces of pre-2013 (I'm not sure i even bought any after SSA moved from their 1st location, long, long before the sold the company to Nosler) SSA SRP brass that's been fired anywhere from 2-3 times judging from the ejector swipes on the case head. Some may not be usable depending on your own discretion. I don't think it'll be many, very few you may choose not to use or not to load hot, but that's up to each person. I make no guarantees, expressed or implied.

I also have 110 pieces of SSA brass primed w/CCI #41 primers. These would've been primed around 2012bi assume and have been setting in a jar with delicatessen ever since. Again, I make no guarantees expressed or implied. Everyone may fire, may not..

97% of this brass would've been fired w/90gr TNTs, 29.1-4gr of RL7 OR RL10 & CCI 41s. I can't remember which powder I was using, but velocities from an 18" bbl WOA SPCII was 2944fps iirc, or from 12.5" SPCII bbl from the guy who designed our helped designed the SPCII chamber. Later, he got a bad batch of chrome lined barrels that put the business under unfortunately.

The included pics are of cases selected at random to give you an idea of the overall condition of the cases. All cases, other than the primed ones, were ran through a wet tumbler w/o any media to clean them up a bit.

$75 PayPal F&F or add 4% G&S, shipped for the whole lot, which works out to about $0.10/rnd before shipping costs.

USPS Flat Rate w/signature confirmation is included in price.