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I have an oppertunity to get ahold of about 1700 pieces of 6.8 SPC S&B new primed brass.
It is very expensive though.
I came across it searching for components to load ammo with.
The guy wants $110 for 100 pieces which I know is robbery.
If anyone needs brass that bad they are willing to pay the robbers price I will pick it up and list it for want I paid for it.
With the currect situation in Europe it will be a year or more before I get the S&B brass I have on order in.
So if I bought it the price of it will be $110 plus UPS shipping since its primed brass.
I know its a ripoff but if anyone needs it that bad I'll buy it.
I cant load ammo with it because its so expensive I would loose money on each box I sold.
I already did that on 500 rounds that are currently being loaded and wont do it on more.
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