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they are very accurate. They are the easiest bullet to load for. They are .5 accurate with a jump or into the lands. The best, they go really really fast like 2900-3200 fast from 16-20" barrels. They have a very good BC or the size and weight which make them flat shooting. With that combo they are good for target, varmints, even deer and defense although the last two there are better choice but these will work.. There is something about shooting a 90 gr bullet as fast as a 243 or 6 mm rem mag can but with 40% less powder and shorter barrel can with the same weight bullet. :mrgreen: They also will soot inside a 308 out to 500 yards if it is using the 168-175 gr bullets only the 155 and some super light bullets will have less drop.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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