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SaaM said:
Hello everyone. My name is Robb and I'm a gun nut. Former Marine, so I know how to pull the trigger on a rifle and make it go boom (while hitting what I'm aiming at), however, I've been primarily a hand gun kind of guy for many years.

I've got the shotgun for home defense and a nice Mosin Nagant M44 for scaring the dead, but with the prospect of McHillBama taking office next year, I've decided to move up my purchase of an EBR. I'm not a .223 fan, so I've decided to go with the 6.8SPC.

However, I have no experience in purchasing an AR. Sure, I could field strip it and get them clean and shiny, but purchasing one is a little more tricky.

I've been sold on the Ko-Tonics upper. I'm just looking at the 16" Grunt model. Add a muzzle break, the bolt carrier group, and a magazine and that seems to be everything I can get from them right now (no lowers are available).

So, what else do I need? Again, I'm not familiar with some of the terms. I think I need a butt-stock (don't want nuthin' fancy), lower receiver, grip, aaaaaaaaand.... that's where I'm not sure what else to grab.

I'm trying to keep the total rifle cost under a grand because I'm also going to need to get optics and reloading gear. If anyone has any good places I should be looking at or any discounts they know I could get, I'd appreciate it.

Welcome Robb. As far as a lower, you can get any lower you want for it. Most lowers are good to go so shop around for a good deal. For the 16" barrel, I would get a collapsible stock with it. As far as the upper, Ko-Tonics is an excellent choice. I would get a 16" medium contour with a standard Front Sight Base and an A2 Flash Hider and standard handguards. Skip the Muzzle Brakes. You can always add change it up later on. Like this:

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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