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Welcome Robb,

I would suggest a complete lower from Global Arms in Kansas City. The owner Denny is a great guy who offers very reasonable prices and outstanding customer service.

I would agree with Paul to select a collapsible stock. A good solid choice is the CTR Carbine Stock from Magpul. I would also ask Denny to install a RRA two stage trigger. A big improvement over a standard trigger.

The reason I also recommend the Global Arms lower is because they are made by CMT industries. The same company that make a number of the forged mil-spec lowers for Stag Arms and others. Since Tim at KoTonics uses Stag flat top uppers, you are assured of a good fit between upper and lower. Something not always possible with mismatched sources for both items.

Secondly, the Global Tactical lower does not have the caliber marked on the lower. This avoids the confusion of having a 6.8 SPC upper mounted on a lower that is marked .223. It is true that other manufacturers such as Stag and RRA offer lowers stamped 6.8 SPC...but it is my belief than on an AR platform, the caliber should ALWAYS be on the upper. This allows any number of different caliber uppers to be used on the same lower without confusion.

This complete lower and your selection of KoTonics upper should get you an outstanding weapon for less than $1K.

Just my $.02....HTH

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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