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Someonei's watching over me tonight

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I finished machining an 80% billet lower receiver tonight and decided to put it together. In the process I dropped the safety detent on my messy garage floor and actually found it. Then when I was installing the buffer tube I sent the takedown pin detent spring flying not once but three times and found it each time. I got it all together and it seems to be functional. This is going to be the lower for my 16" 6.8 Arp socom barreled upper.

Then I decided to finish my pistol upper, needed a gas tube roll pin. I had ordered a set of roll pin starter punches which came today. I tried to start the pin several times to no avail. I even sent the pin flying once and found it. Then I thought I would look in the package that my Kies adjustable gas block came in and lo and behold I found a tiny allen head screw and an almost invisible allen wrench. It doesn't use a roll pin. I tried the screw and got it in. My pistol upper is complete. Now if I can get a pistol buffer tube that fits I can complete the lower. The tube I bought from PSA does not have enough threads for the castle nut and no groove for the plate.

With my old eyes I can hardly see some of these little parts but I found every one that I sent flying. A good night.
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Did you find a lottery ticket?
Most pistol buffer tubes don't use a castle nut and therefore don't have a groove for the end plate .;some come with a special end plate, others you will need to grind the "nub" down to work right...that's one of the differences between them and a carbine tube.
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