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Some loads in a 18" WOA

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Finally got a chance to work up some loads using my 18" WOA SPCII 1-11 6 groove. I still have loads loaded w/BLC-2 & H322 for 110 Pro Hunters and 115 SMK's, but unfortunately I had to cut my range session short as I ran out of time. Hopefully, I'll get a chance either Friday or next Monday to get back out and finish. I'm not sure how accurate my chrony is. It's a Chrony Beta Master that I just got, so some of you others may have more experience w/it. I know there was a couple of loads that seemed to have a pretty big jump from one loading to the next. I also (due to my poor shooting) had a few flyers, so those are noted w/and w/out the flyers. All are 5 shot groups. All were shot suppressed @ 100yrds. 81 degrees. Wind @ 6.4mph when I left for the range. It was anywhere from calm to slightly gusty throughout the session.

ETA: All loads were SSA virgin brass, COAL: 2.28, w/CCI #41's w/LFCD

The Nosler 130g BT's:
BLC-2-- AVG FPS--ES----Group
31.5---2386-------21------0.545 w/out flyer and 1.694" w/the flyer
I never had any over pressure signs of any kind w/the BLC-2. I'm going to try to load up another grain in increments, but I just don't know how much more I can fit. I already had about as much powder in it as I think I can fit safely. I was putting a pretty good sized dent around the ogive w/the seater die.

Nosler 130g BT's & H322
25.6---2278------21--------0.672"w/out flyer and 1.507" w/the flyer
26.2---2330------12--------0.709"w/out flyer and 1.525" w/the flyer
27.7---2426------9---------0.836" I started seeing very light ejector swipes on this load.

Nosler 130G BT's and AA#9
These both seemed to key hole @ 100, but I didn't see any @ 5ft when I was making sure they were ok to mount the suppressor.

90TNT's and RE7
30.0---2979------21----------0.931"w/out flyer and 1.428" w/the flyer, I also started seeing very light ejector swipes @ this load

I would have rather worked up the 115 SMK's and 110 PH's instead of the 130 Noslers, but didn't think my range time would be cut short like it was. Otherwise, I would have started w/those instead. Hopefully I can get those worked up w/in the next week or so. I did get to shoot seveal prarie dogs ranging from 50-200yrds and I must say the TNT's are brutal on them.

I think I could cut the groups down a little more and I'm not that great of a shooter to start w/. Some of you guys could probably really make it shine. I had ran about 2-300 rounds thru it before the end of the day as I had done quite a bit of prarie dog hunting and random shooting before I started working these up. I just ran a bore snake thru it a few times w/some solvent between strings. And of course, all were shot suppressed which is just brutal on the carbon buildup.
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I definitely want to see how the BLC-2 works with the SMK and the Pro-Huinters.
110 Pro Hunters and H322

Charge-----AVG FPS-------ES-------Group
28.1--------2524-----------27-------1.105" w/out flyer and 2.212" (ouch) w/flyer
29.9--------2661-----------28-------0.687" w/out flyer and 1.512" w/flyer I had faint ejector swipes on two of the five cases here.

Pro Hunters and BLC-2

33.2--------2479-----------29-------0.630" w/out flyer and 1.103" w/the flyer

115 SMK's and BLC-2

This is a perfect example of how the accuracy nodes work. Check out the Pro-Hunters with the H322 powder. Notice that the best accuracy is in the 28.4 GR Range and then the accuracy slightly drops off and it tightens back up around 30.5 GR. Now check out the Pro-Hunters with the BLC-2. It does the same thing. The Charges are different for the BLC-2, but the velocities are pretty much the same. And for both of them, the accuracy nodes are approximately 2 GR apart. If you check the 115 GR SMK with BLC-2, it is the same thing. At 30.8 GR, the accuracy is the best and opens up until he got to 32.9 GR.

With that info, you can take any powder that you have, let's say H335. Using the Pro-Hunters, if you loaded up the Pro-Hunters with H335 (approximately 29 GR) to a MV of 2527-2548 FPS, you would have similar accuracy. And then again around 2680 FPS, you would have great accuracy again.

You can do that with any bullet and powder. When looking for pure accuracy, it is a great idea to use the .3 GR incriments like sanz did.
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Thanks for pointing that out like that. I've read all of you guys posts on the different methods of load development, but I didn't even notice that. The BLC-2 did work out better than I had expected it too. Not bad velocities and groups at all. I am going to try and work some up w/the TNT's and Accubonds as well to see how those perform. I'm a big fan of the BLC-2 in my other calibers and had hoped for decent results in the 6.8. I need to get some H335 and compare the two in all of my different calibers. I'm only a novice reloader and the possibilities seem endless. I'm really interested in seeing how much more I can get out of it before I hit the max.
If you are using the RE7 with the 90 GR bullets, I bet the the 27.5 and 29.5 GR loads will be the most accurate. I know with the H4198 and the 90 GR bullets, the sweet spot is 28.6 GR.
A slow hit is better than a fast miss. With accuracy like that, why mess with it?
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