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Some loads in a 18" WOA

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Finally got a chance to work up some loads using my 18" WOA SPCII 1-11 6 groove. I still have loads loaded w/BLC-2 & H322 for 110 Pro Hunters and 115 SMK's, but unfortunately I had to cut my range session short as I ran out of time. Hopefully, I'll get a chance either Friday or next Monday to get back out and finish. I'm not sure how accurate my chrony is. It's a Chrony Beta Master that I just got, so some of you others may have more experience w/it. I know there was a couple of loads that seemed to have a pretty big jump from one loading to the next. I also (due to my poor shooting) had a few flyers, so those are noted w/and w/out the flyers. All are 5 shot groups. All were shot suppressed @ 100yrds. 81 degrees. Wind @ 6.4mph when I left for the range. It was anywhere from calm to slightly gusty throughout the session.

ETA: All loads were SSA virgin brass, COAL: 2.28, w/CCI #41's w/LFCD

The Nosler 130g BT's:
BLC-2-- AVG FPS--ES----Group
31.5---2386-------21------0.545 w/out flyer and 1.694" w/the flyer
I never had any over pressure signs of any kind w/the BLC-2. I'm going to try to load up another grain in increments, but I just don't know how much more I can fit. I already had about as much powder in it as I think I can fit safely. I was putting a pretty good sized dent around the ogive w/the seater die.

Nosler 130g BT's & H322
25.6---2278------21--------0.672"w/out flyer and 1.507" w/the flyer
26.2---2330------12--------0.709"w/out flyer and 1.525" w/the flyer
27.7---2426------9---------0.836" I started seeing very light ejector swipes on this load.

Nosler 130G BT's and AA#9
These both seemed to key hole @ 100, but I didn't see any @ 5ft when I was making sure they were ok to mount the suppressor.

90TNT's and RE7
30.0---2979------21----------0.931"w/out flyer and 1.428" w/the flyer, I also started seeing very light ejector swipes @ this load

I would have rather worked up the 115 SMK's and 110 PH's instead of the 130 Noslers, but didn't think my range time would be cut short like it was. Otherwise, I would have started w/those instead. Hopefully I can get those worked up w/in the next week or so. I did get to shoot seveal prarie dogs ranging from 50-200yrds and I must say the TNT's are brutal on them.

I think I could cut the groups down a little more and I'm not that great of a shooter to start w/. Some of you guys could probably really make it shine. I had ran about 2-300 rounds thru it before the end of the day as I had done quite a bit of prarie dog hunting and random shooting before I started working these up. I just ran a bore snake thru it a few times w/some solvent between strings. And of course, all were shot suppressed which is just brutal on the carbon buildup.
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