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Taken this rifle to the range three time now with the intention of actually firing it. Has not happen. Really do not see myself using this rifle very much so it is time to free up some room in the safe and funds for other working projects.

The rifle is a Remington 700 PSS model chambered in 6.8 SPC. The barrel is 26" long and has the three flat flutes. Mounted on the action is a Leupold 1-piece LR base for standard rings. The base has 15 moa built in. The rings are 30mm. The stock is an HS Precision, however it is not the stock that came with the rifle originally. This stock is from another Remington 700 (1st Production 6.8 SPC) and is found on the VSF model. It has been painted with (3) coats of Brownell's Aluma-hyde II Earth Brown. Each coat was cure for one day under a high intensity light.

Asking $675 shipped to your FFL payment made by USPS MO or $700 shipped funds delivered through Paypal.


ETA: Comes in original box with all the paperwork.
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