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Decided to go with an LWRC so this has to go. A friend built this for me and test fired it 10 rds and it was short stroking.
**** I was gonna take this apart and sell the parts but I am totally NOT HANDY and was screwing it up, so it is for sale for a very reduced cost!

12" WOA barrel with Bolt- from GTS- 1/11 twist- $355 fired less than 20 rounds
A4 complete upper with M4 feed ramps from Bravo Comp.- $ 110
Yankee Hill Free float forend- $ 110

Troy Gas block- (gas block is now NO good I scraped the crap out of it trying to take it off)
The handguard ring is also scraped up pretty good. I will take some updated photos of it.

Either way it is- $ 450 shipped, so that means you get the YHM handguard for free plus some $$

NO trades and Paypal ok with 3%
e-mail please instead of IM


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Re: 6.8 Barrel and receiver WOA

Is a 12" barrel legal on a pistol lower? I sent you a PM, didn't see an email address.
What about BCG? Charging handle. Is it a SPC II? sorry for the dumb questions.
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