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I have 2 ARP 223W barrels for sale.

Pic added, if you need more, pm me.

SOLD - 18" SPR, only has around 300rds through it.. Has standard .223 Wylde chamber, 1:7.7 3R rifling, 4150, melonite, rifle gas, is a midweight non-tapered profile (.850 before gas block, .750 gas journal, .718 after gas block), HAS 5/8" THREADS. I dimpled it for an SLR non-adjustable gas block (.40 spacing) and have a new one I could sell with barrel. This barrel has a port on the small side, but was just about perfect for the build I had it on using 5.56 pressure ammo. It took about 100rds to break-in, though. If you plan on running lower pressure ammo, you will probably need to open it up a touch. Also have a few different muzzle devices for 5/8" threads I'll sell. Dropped to $170 shipped.

SOLD - 16" Scout, new, never installed. It is the one currently listed on ARP's website. It has the new .223 Wylde MK1 chamber, 1:7.7 3R rifling, 4150, melonite, midlength gas, lightweight tapered profile, 1/2" threads. Dropped to $190 shipped.

889BED7F-33B2-4F19-8E1F-9CC7FE2B1D86 by brad terrace, on Flickr
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