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First Form 1 came back approved a month or so back. Was recuperating from some other hefty expenses and was hoping that I'd have the second back by now so I held off on buying parts, but it looks like I'm going to have another few months to go on the second one. All bills will be caught up by the end of the month and getting in a little overtime on the next couple paychecks, so it's (past?) time to start gathering some parts.

I filed for a 8.5" .223 Silencer. At the time of filing I was going to use the standard 7.5" carbon steel tube from SDTA. IIRC from my studying at the time the steel end caps would put it right at 8" overall length, but I tacked on the extra 1/2 inch for generous clearance since it didn't cost any extra. Building shorter is good, building longer is evil. (< sarcasm) I just figured it would be easier to justify why I ended up shorter than longer should I ever have to deal with an @$$ in the future.


Forgot about Big Waylon's thread on his form 1 builds. I think I found most of my answers in there. Will give it a good read over again before I start getting parts. I'll be doing a SDTA 8.5" Ti tube and end caps and SS plug baffles. Blast chamber then straight baffles for the rest. Still figuring about 1.5" for a blast chamber. At a toss up between a VSR or a Plug for a blast baffle.
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