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Sight pusher tool suggestions

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Looking to pick up a sight pusher for my pistols. Been looking at the ncstar and sight-pusher.com versions. Anybody use these or have suggestions? Don't want to spend a ton on this as it won't be used alot. Any info is appreciated Thanks, Chris
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I use the one by MGW, haven't used any other brand so I can't compare.
Definitely better then a brass drift and hammer
The Jennings sight pusher is what I have. It is not fancy, but it has more torque to break loose really tight sights than most of the other tools out there.

I've used it on 1911's and a XDs(which has very tight sights). No problems.
Another vote for the Jennings.
I have this Sight Master tool. It works pretty well. No real problems with it and the price is not too bad. https://www.amazon.com/Sight-Master-Pusher-Tool-T1003/dp/B00BD65Y4C
It looks a lot like the same tool as the Fisher design on sightpusher.com
I haven't come across the Jennings before. I've been looking for a good one that people have had success doing Springfield slides before.
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