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For SHTF ammo, I'll shoot whatever fits the chamber and my "stash" shows it! From mil-surp to high grade factory in 5.56/.223 and whatever I can cheaply purchase in 6.8mm.
I could give a red rat's rear when I'm shooting in defense.
When hunting, I'll always grab the 6.8 and 90 grain ammo.
100% agree.

Right now with current supply for 6.8 reloaders that would be 90gr TNT and what ever powder or primers you can find. For non reloaders what ever you can find.

As far as 5.56 my local reloading store has plenty of 55gr FMJ from a place called lightning ammo, besides that they have the high end stuff nosler or Berger. Same applies for non reloaders.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts