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Shooting at a distance with IRONS.....!!!!

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How do you do it!!!

My Dad brother and I went to the range on Sunday and my dad and both brought our AR's. I was hitting all day at 50 yards w/o any problems at all (sand bags). I was "battle" zeroed at 50 so for a little fun I setup a little competition to see who could hit at 200 yards. Let me tell you it was not easy. Both AR's had iron sights, paper targets were side by side and were mabe 18"x18" in size and we were shooting from sand bags.

I got setup on the bench and when I sighted in I just aimed for "beige" blur as both targets were close enough that you couldn't seperate them let alone see any kind of orange to hit. So needless to say we each shot 10 rounds...and got 5 hits. Now not to brag but it looked like 3 of the 5 hits, according to the spotting scope, come from me :D but we didn't walk down after every mag to check so we wouldn't piss off the other shooters.

I adjusted a little bit for the battle zero since it was 200 yards and not 300 but I just don't know how in world people are hitting with iron sights. Is it just lack of instruction on shooting irons? I also checked and I was using the small peep.
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You mean you guys weren't shooting 1" groups at 200 Yards with irons? LOL.

It really helps if you use mansize targets. You really just have center the front sight post on the target and not move b hair as you Squeeze the trigger. I love shooting mansize targets at 50 and 100 yards. It really is fun and believe it or not, it really helps you become a better shooter because you really have to concentrate on your fundamentals.
No 1 inch groups with irons here :D I don't know how you guys do it.
Iron sights just pose a different challenge and are actually fun. I'm going to the range tomorrow and I'll post some pick of the targets I use and the 30 round shooting I do with irons, then aimpoint, then aimpoint with 3xMag.

You really need the right target to shoot irons or else it will suck.
I would love to see your results between the different sights. I think the targets we had were part of our problem. They were small, blended into the OSB they were stapled too, and basically colorless. I know those aren't great excuses but I'm ok with that.
Let me embarrass myself publicly by asking a question I've been curious about after ten years of shooting... several people have mentioned Highpower/Match sights... I've seen those in the Brownells catalog, and it always illicits a "WTF?" from me... it seems like a protractor on top of a periscope with a hooded sight and all kinds of crazy things. Anyway, as I've stated, I'm not really good with irons. So besides the "line up the front post in the middle of the cutout in the back and focus on the front post so the target is blurry (on a pistol), or look through peephole and your eye will center the front post (on an AR) -- what do these complex sights bring to the game? Bubba Fal touched on this with his explanation, but does anyone have a more detailed explanation -- or better yet, to save you typing, a link to point to?

And another thing -- the lollipop vs center hold -- won't that put the bullets into different holes on paper? How can two people be shooting at the X in exactly the same targets, using different sighting techniques (one at the bottom of the target, one at the center), and both hit the X? With an Aimpoint, once centered, I put the dot where I want bullet to go. With a scope, I use the cross hairs and either dial in dope or use holdovers, but the center is always the center, if that makes sense. If I change the way I use the scope or dot, I will change the trajectory of the round.

Lastly, thanks for the Appleseed suggestion. That looks exactly like what I need! And sorry to the OP for semi-hijacking the thread.
No hijack worries my friend. We are all trying to learn so type away!

Paulo, very nice shooting and right up and thanks for the honest results. What you did at 100 is what my targets look like at 50. I promise you if this was Barfcom and I posted this people would be posting different results then what you did.
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