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Shooting at a distance with IRONS.....!!!!

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How do you do it!!!

My Dad brother and I went to the range on Sunday and my dad and both brought our AR's. I was hitting all day at 50 yards w/o any problems at all (sand bags). I was "battle" zeroed at 50 so for a little fun I setup a little competition to see who could hit at 200 yards. Let me tell you it was not easy. Both AR's had iron sights, paper targets were side by side and were mabe 18"x18" in size and we were shooting from sand bags.

I got setup on the bench and when I sighted in I just aimed for "beige" blur as both targets were close enough that you couldn't seperate them let alone see any kind of orange to hit. So needless to say we each shot 10 rounds...and got 5 hits. Now not to brag but it looked like 3 of the 5 hits, according to the spotting scope, come from me :D but we didn't walk down after every mag to check so we wouldn't piss off the other shooters.

I adjusted a little bit for the battle zero since it was 200 yards and not 300 but I just don't know how in world people are hitting with iron sights. Is it just lack of instruction on shooting irons? I also checked and I was using the small peep.
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I would not want to piss off the Paulo. It would not end well with that kind of shooting.

So when are we going to kick up the quarterly competitions again. Are you waiting till more members have a 6.8?
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