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Sell me on stainless.

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I have a Ko-Tonics/Cardinal 16" lightweight barrel that I am reasonably happy with.

Recently I took some SSA 115gr SMK Mil/LE to the range and noticed the dreaded swipes.

Bison is an option, but I am unsure of the SPR profile because I think the current rifle is heavy enough and I am unsure of stainless over 4140. Am I fretting over nothing?

I have a friend in the same boat and he wonders what the consequences of ignoring the swipes is.
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Try the Tubbs Final Finish bullets, they tend to helpout the Cardinal barrels with this issue.
+1 on that one

If you do switch over to Ss, the SPR profile would be ok, remember, troops are carrying that profile rifle in the sand box so it cant be too heavy.
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