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I have a really great match grade upper for sale as a demo / scratch and dent. The barrel is a customer return who had us switch him to a .223 as he wasn't using it for hunting and wanted ammo compatibility. About 150 rounds through the barrel and it is clean and I scoped it and it is perfect. Gas port is about 1/4 on one of the lands.

Barrel is 18" stainless in black Cerakote by White Oak with a BAT Machine competetition barrel extension. The rest of the upper includes:

LWRC advanced combat bolt
Young Mfg black carrier
standard charging handle
Bison Armory forged upper receiver (new - slight blemish in anodizing)
Bison armory low pro gas block and mid length gas tube
Black river tactical linear comp (new)
Troy Alpha 13" forearm, came off a demo Fulcrum upper

Our retail on this is $1100. Cleaned, lubed, built by me, and ready to shoot, to your door for $800. First "I'll take it" gets it. You can pay for it by buying $800 worth of product credits at our online store here:

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