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Scope mount for left handed AR

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Hello all,

I just finished upgrading my Stag Model 7 and I have run into my first issue.

I bought a Larue Quick Disconnect mount (LT-104) and a Leupold VXIII scope (4.5-14 x 40).

For those not familar with the Larue mount, it is a solid one piece mount.

Unfortunately the Larue mount is designed for a right handed rifle as the throw out levers interfere with the ejection port. I reversed the scope mount to put the throw out levers on the right side but this doesn't allow me to get the optimum eye relief or leave me enough rail space for my BUIS.

So my question is will a two piece mount set up do the trick? Can individual rings be reversed for a left handed rifle application? Can anyone please recommend a quality set of individual rings designed for a flat top AR. I was hoping for something with throw out levers or thumb screws. I need them for a 30MM tube. Please provide exact model number and source.

Thanks .

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I just had the scope mounted by my gunsmith. I haven't fired it yet. He felt that the ejection port cover was not opening enough because the throw levers were getting in the way. This is a one piece mount. So what we did was flip the mount around to get the throw levers on the right side (remember this is a left handed AR). Problem this causes is not allowing you to get the scope as far forward as I would like.

I will take a picture later tonight. The mount is currently on the rifle with the levers to the right so you will not see how it interferes with the ejection port cover, but you will see har far back the scope is.

I an now thinking about getting a two piece mount from A.R.M.S. Specifically ARMS #22H Throw Lever 30mm Rings. You can find them at www.swfa.com under mounts and rings. If I am thinking correctly, these mounts can flipped in either direction.

What do you think? Again rifle is a Stag Arms Model 7L.


PS. Where in NJ are you. I am up in Sussex County.
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I took pics but I haven't been able to figure out how to post them here.

I gather you can't upload them directly from your own computer?

The first three pics are of the mount with the throw out levers to the right.

In the last two pictures I flipped the mount to put the levers to the left as it is designed. Note I didn't reverse the optic in the mount for these last two pics.

So what do you think. Is the dust cover open enough. I would prefer not to take it off.

Please let me know what you think. Thanks


Thank you for all the feedback.

I hope you are right. I can't wait to get out and shoot it. I will try and get you one more picture looking straight down the barrel later on tonight.

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