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SAAMI non mil spec ammo..BRAND??

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So, what ammo is out there that is non mil spec. In other words low pressure for a SAAMI 1/10.

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Tim_W said:
All but SSA Tactical. SSA Commercial and Hrdy should be your first choices. In fact HRdy is proud that there ammo is specially tuned to work best in the DPMS out of spec as in smaller then min sammi spec SAAMi chamber 1:10 twist 6 groove barrels. Go figure. :roll:

The reamer on the site is not one that gets passed around. You need to send your upper to Paulo to have him do it. if you want a SPCII chamber. If you want a DMR chamber which I prefer you need to send it to Constructor of ARPERFORMANCE. Not worth buying your own unless you plan on doing a bunch. Actually if you want a SPCII chamber all you need is a throat reamer which are cheaper but still not worth the cost and if you don;t know what you are doing you can screw up the chamber and now you have to have it re-cut and headspaced by a gunsmith.
Actually Tim, I believe Paulo is shipping his Reamer out for others to do it themselves, check this thread for more info
1 - 1 of 8 Posts