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Ruger Mini 6.8 Accuracy

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Seems to be very little interest in these. I am surprised because they are inexpensive and reliable. (It's hard findling an AR upper for less than a complete Mini 6.8) Surely someone will have hi capacity mags for these shortly. The other main complaint seems to be accuracy. I know they are not as accurate as the AR platform. But I'm curious as to what you really need for self defense or even a battle rifle. Anyone here with combat experience give their opinion on what kind of accuracy is acceptable? I've seen a few reports on the Mini's and the new ones look like their in the same ballpark as an M-14 or FAL. Is that not good enough?
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MajorJim said:
Does anyone know what dimensions Ruger uses for the chamber? SAAMI or SPCII?
SAAMI:confused: Sadly Ruger began manufacturing the 6.8 Mini about the same time the SPCII fix was introduced in early '07.
Has anybody shot the SSA Combat/Tactical loads in their 6.8 Mini? If so, did any problems result?
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