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Richard Venola G&A Editor mentioned 6.8 in SHOT Review Video

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I was browsing Guns and Ammo's website for reading fodder as I tend to do from time to time. I spotted some video clips on the right hand side of the main page and decided to watch a few. Richard Venola, the magazine's Editor, reported in from SHOT 2009 about some of his findings and the 6.8 was mentioned more than other products. There are four videos, and they're entertaining but fast paced. Products mentioned were the Stag Model 7 Hunter, the Ruger Mini 6.8, and S&B's entry into the 6.8 ammo market. He stated his Ruger 6.8 was his Zombie gun. :lol: :lol: Good for him!

That's pretty good coverage for the 6.8 from the major gun magazine. I'm going to email him and say thanks, and ask for more 6.8 articles.

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