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Reticle scopes

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I need a couple of suggestions for reticle scopes for prices less than $1000 and I need a couple of suggestions for scopes more than $1000. Reasons for the recommendations?
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I've been looking at the Horus series of scopes. The Falcon 5-20x50, Raptor 4-16x50, or the Hawk 3-12x50. Anyone have experience with any of these?
paulosantos said:
jamesb74 said:
Wow that is a busy reticle. Pretty cool though. I like the 1x4 they have listed.
It looks busy until you try it.

Do you have any opinions or comments about Horus scopes and about the Horus reticle? Would you buy a Horus scope and which one?
1 - 3 of 20 Posts