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Reticle scopes

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I need a couple of suggestions for reticle scopes for prices less than $1000 and I need a couple of suggestions for scopes more than $1000. Reasons for the recommendations?
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US Optics



Schmidt and Bender

Better yet I'll sell you a 20 year old Tasco 3x9 for $1000, well for a friend how about $850? :lol:

Seriously, what are you going to be doing with the scope? That makes a huge difference.
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To go along with Paul's feedback, you may also ask John Boyette about the Horus Vision scopes. He uses them also and has posted feedback on them in other optics posts. They are interesting reticles, and you can now special order them in other brands like US Optics.

Here's a quote from John in a recent thread:

J.Boyette said:
A diffrent direction, but fills the need is the Horus 3-12x50 Hawk. LINK I own one on my 18" SPR Ar-15 and LOVE THIS OPTIC!!!!!!!!!!

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