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Requesting advice on next black rifle

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I'm interested in putting in another order on a .223 black rifle. And I would like some ideas on how to proceed.

Quickly, what I have right now:
1. Bushmaster Shorty-AK A2 .223 (post-ban config) w/ forward mounted Trijicon Reflex.
2. Stag 5, 6.8mm, Leupold MK4 1.5x20, BUIS, etc.

What do I need to really round things out?

I think it would be fun to put something together. What would be the best strategy at this point, given the supply situation, on proceeding on a build?
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I would probably want to go with a precision rig, something with a longer, free float barrel. As mentioned above, a varmint and SPR or DMR build are pretty similar. Use a railed forearm and aa few more modifications and you can build yourself a DMR. I'm kind of taking that route with my 6.8 build, though the barrel I got was 16".
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