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Reloading 6.8 question HELP

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Steps I took for reloading some shells.
1. deprime and resize case
2. add new primer and powder
3. add Bullet(bullet just falls down into case)
4. seat and crimp bullet.

So now i have a complete bullet but just the tip of bullet is showing.
Load into rifle and bolt won't close all the way....:a36:
Can I Shoot these bullets this way?

What steps have i missed if any?
What is wrong with bullet?

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With the info that you provided, do not try to shoot those cartridges. Either you have failed to resize the brass, used the wrong brass or wrong bullet.

Use 6.8 SPC brass and .277" (6.8mm ) diameter bullets.

Get a good reloading manual(s) and read it(them) through. Read and understand the instructions that came with your reloading dies and how to set them up before you load anything. Learn and understand the reloading process. Read everything you can in the reloading section in the forum.
My first thoughts is are you using a 6.5 bullet instead of a 6.8 bullet?

I agree with the above, do not shoot them.
Currently using once fire bass which is Hornady 6.8 and Seller and ballot 6.8.

The powder is IMR 8208 and bullets are 90gr serria hp
After you resized, will bolt close on the brass? If not, you need to set your sizing die to push shoulder back some more until bolt closes on brass. After brass was deprimed and resized, is neck tight enough where a bullet cannot be inserted? If tight enough and bolt closes, then

When you seat the bullet, place a empty brass, no bullet in shellholder, screw seating die body down until it touches the neck. Back the die out just a bit (half turn at least so the die will not crimp the brass), lock die down. Back the seater plug out of die quite a bit. After putting powder in brass, place a bullet in neck, adjust the seater plug down in steps, measuring your overall length in steps so you do not seat bullet to far. You can crimp with same die but usually recommended you do that in a separate step and recommended to use Lee factory crimp die. Although many do not crimp and some insist on it. I do not.

It is possible you set up the seater die body down too far down to seat the bullet and over crimped, bulging the neck and shoulder. You use the plug to seat the bullet, not the seater die body. If you use the body, then you are also setting the crimp portion of the body down too much.
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Maybe a picture of the loaded cartridge would help.
Measure the Id of the neck. It should be a few thousands (.001 is a thousanth) smaller than the bullet diameter.
I would like to know what Die set you are using.

If it was already identified, I apologize.

Pull the decapper rod from the sizing die an measure the expander ball. Should have an outside diameter in the range of .273-.275".
Forgot to add a +1 on getting a reloading manual and reading it. Reloading is dangerous if you don't know for sure what you are doing. I was lucky enough to have a mentor but I still read up on it from trusted sources as well. A piece of advise is to pay close attention to every step and try to make everything as repeatable as possible.
With the questions your asking please get a reloading manual and study it. Then get on here and ask questions about anything you need clearing up. This group here is very helpful. They helped me become much better at loading ammo. Also recommend that you start with a single stage press.
Rcbs 6.8 spc dies are being used.

I will post pictures today.
I would pull the bullets, dump the powder then size the brass. Pull the decap pin since no need to deprime. But go through the setup for your dies again before resizing the brass. Follow the instructions closely for setting up your sizing die and make sure the expander ball is the correct size as previously noted. Load a few rounds and check they work in a case gauge plus you chamber before cranking out a bunch of ammo.
have you measured the bullet diameter to make sure they weren't mis-boxed?

Here is what I have done so far.

Thanks for all your help everyone.:)

The bullet on the left is a store bought seller and ballot 6.8 spc.


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Not sure what's going on with your sizing but do see that your crimp is excessive. Also next time you buy primers get CCI 450 or CCI 41.
Here is what I have done so far.

Thanks for all your help everyone.:)

The bullet on the left is a store bought seller and ballot 6.8 spc.
probably not going to fit in your chamber-- looks like you have the bullet seating die in too far and the crimp function is pushing back your shoulder and crimping waaay too hard --- read the directions for the seating die, I'd bet you'll find that it gives you a general idea of how far to screw it into your press and I'd bet it's screwed in too far

read page 3 -"bullet seating without crimping"
http://www.rcbs.com/RCBS/media/RCBSMedia/PDFs/Instructions/English (EN)/ReloadingDieInstructions.pdf
is it just me or does it look like there is no expander ball on the decapping stem? granted that wouldn't change the fact the bullet 'falls' into the case but it just looks odd.
That ugly crimp may be swelling the neck enough for the bullet to simply drop in.
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