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reloading 6.8 ammo ,lots of questions for my 1st time

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I am going to try and reload my 6.8. My friend has the machine. I need to know all the parts I will need for the machine. I also need to know all the stuff I need for the ammo. I know I need the bullets ( 6.8 SPC , 110 grain Nosler Accu Bond) I need the case ( but do I need the large primer or the small primer?) If you look on SSA website http://www.ssarmory.com/6.8ammunitionsales.aspx it shows both kinds. Do I need to buy more primers for the cases when I reload them for the 2nd time? Where do I get them? My buddy reloads his .308 all the time so he knows how to do it but can I use his powder? or do I need to buy my own? My 6.8 has the SPEC 2 chamber at 1:11 twist so I want to run them as hot as I can becasue I am using them for pig hunting :) Thanks for everyone time I REALLY APPRECIATE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is not intended as a slam, but judging from some of your questions, it appears that you are in need of basic information in regards to reloading. Your friend has the equipment, does he have a reloading manual? Most reloading manuals contain a basic tutuorial section - I strongly recommend reading and understanding this section before actually reloading anything. Saves a lot of headaches (and potential Kabooms).

For the 6.8, a pound of powder should allow you to load ~230-250 rounds (depending upon charge weight). The two powder types are mentioned only as the variety would allow you to work up loads to determine which powder/charge weight combo works best in your rifle. NEVER MIX POWDERS!

Do you have access to a chrono? This is a big aid in load development, but if you don't have access to one, stick with published data from known sources and work up to hot loads very slowly. Make sure that your reloading session is devoid of distractions and you can focus on the task at hand. Mistakes can be costly (and painful).

My $.02
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