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reloading 6.8 ammo ,lots of questions for my 1st time

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I am going to try and reload my 6.8. My friend has the machine. I need to know all the parts I will need for the machine. I also need to know all the stuff I need for the ammo. I know I need the bullets ( 6.8 SPC , 110 grain Nosler Accu Bond) I need the case ( but do I need the large primer or the small primer?) If you look on SSA website http://www.ssarmory.com/6.8ammunitionsales.aspx it shows both kinds. Do I need to buy more primers for the cases when I reload them for the 2nd time? Where do I get them? My buddy reloads his .308 all the time so he knows how to do it but can I use his powder? or do I need to buy my own? My 6.8 has the SPEC 2 chamber at 1:11 twist so I want to run them as hot as I can becasue I am using them for pig hunting :) Thanks for everyone time I REALLY APPRECIATE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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While were at it, can someone give some pointers on crimping?I've reloaded for my bolt guns for quite awhile, but I know for a semi auto its a good idea to crimp. Got my first 6.8 coming soon, and with price of ammo will probably reload for it. thanks
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