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It's not that bad. No more than any other bottlenecked rifle round IMO. Where you can run into issues is with dies or brass. In speaking of dies I am referring to the Lee dies as some had issues with resizing the case properly and some did not have a proper shaped seating stem to seat the broad assortment of bullet shapes available to the SOCOM reloader. If you have/had the bad Lee dies they will make it right. Mine sized okay but the seater did not work but they sent me a new seater stem. I remedied the problem prior to that by ordering a set of Hornady dies from www.lockstock.com Bear in mind that they always show out of stock but they are $20 or $30 cheaper than direct from Hornady so it is worth the wait. IIRC mine came in under two weeks. I do like the Lee FCD which I don't think they sell separately from the 4-die set but they may if you call them directly. The only brass issue that I mention is from a batch of Starline brass from '06 I believe. There were some cases that were out of spec.

The only other caveat I would have for the SOCOM is to follow known data very closely. Due to all of the assorted bullets available for the caliber you have bullet weights that are the same or similar but among the same weighted bullets there are also assorted ogives and bullet lengths that will drastically alter pressure based on seating depths and remaining usable case capacity. Follow known loads, mainly those from Marty @ Teppo Jutsu and once you get a handle on those you can branch out a bit. The same processes and safety apply to the SOCOM as any other round.

Good luck.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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