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Disco said:
Yeah, I know I should probably ask over there but I know several 6.8 folks are .458SOCOM fans too... I also wanted an opinion from somewhere other than a fan board for the cartridge....

How difficult is the .458 for a relatively novice reloader? I've been reloading a few months now, in 6.8, .308, .30-06, .270 and .223 (wow, as I typed that I just impressed myself that I've done so many different ones...) I thought I had heard somewhere that it wasn't a round for a novice....
I think you and Josh_Denny are both on 458SOCOMforums.com (its under MAJOR repair...) I love that some of the same faces get to this site as well.

I consider the 458 SOCOM an intermediate, its not simple like a S-walled round (44 mag) but its not complex, reload something more simple then once you get the basics and safety concepts involved, make the 458 SOCOM your next bet, just dont use Lee dies, I have them and they have some issues but can be worked out, CH4D makes dies and I THINK someone else is but I am unsure if thats been released yet.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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