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Reintroduction and query on ammo prices for 6.8

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Looks like 6.8 PPU/SB/ETC rounds have jumped about 25 cents a round in the last two weeks. I have been procrastinating looking to add some more HP rounds to the closet, and prices have definitely moved away from us. Anyone know why or notice this recently?

Intro - Built my first 6.8 after joining 68F in 2007 using "the chart" from this forum to complete a proper rig to handle the SSA Tactical Loads. Many thanks to all of those who built said chart. It was a Frankengun for sure, but the most accurate I've ever shot using SSA Tac loaded Sierra OTMs.

Eric from Blackstone Arms reconstructed it with all matching parts to make it a FrankeNoveske upper. He also built two other uppers for my kids and my Brother bought one of the BA 16" uppers in 6.8. For those wondering, Eric is great to deal with and provides great services and product. Thank you sir.
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Welcome back. Prices, 'tis the times we live in.
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I've noticed some ammo sites don't have 68spc listed any longer, those that do are high priced. Thank goodness I can reload for it..
I sure hope this fine cartage doesn't fall by the wayside. Loves my 68's
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I have yet to find any locally...on line prices made me say ouch....I should have looked at ammo price before I started the build..billet upper& lower, ARP 20" barrel, toolcraft BCG, Magpul stock, buffer tube & buffer but its pretty
Unless you are shooting .308 or.223 it’s going to hurt. You might as well enjoy the pain while shooting a sweet round.
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Even .308 hurts....im a cheap bastard...
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Yep, me too, cheap. Don't think this crazy market is going back to normal for a bit. At least not until there is a complete glut of 223 and 308. Maybe then they'll start mass production on the 2nd, and more runs on the 3rd tier cartridges.
I can shoot in my backyard...so its hard not to shoot a lot...but then I would have to replace whatever I shot...which brings us back to being cheap...it's a viscous circle.. I bought 200 rounds of .308 for y2k..still got em...mostly i shoot .22lr out of a dedicated .22 AR i built it really hurt test firing the .300 blkout pistol i built and still have to sight in the red dot on it...but PSA has a real good price on 6.8 168 grain supersonic on gun.deals/today from 2 days ago gonna order some
I was wrong PSA has .300 blk out for .55 cents a round
Found 120 rounds of Winchester .300 blk then ran out of ammo money... still in search of 6.8...still waiting for stainless spacers for flash device..."it's in the Mail"...and yes I will!!!!
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