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paulosantos said:
coldair said:
what is the defrence between that LE model and the other model

and thanks for the info
The legs on the LE model don't have the steel inserts. Supposedly it can still hold a 180 LB person, while the regular one can hold a 250 or so LB person. I don't plan on ever standing on my AR so I can care less. Besides, I only weigh 160 LB now so I'm good to go. LOL.

Are you sure that the LE version doesn't have steel inserts? I just got a polymer model and it has the steel inserts. Looking on their website, they only mention two models...aluminum and polymer and the polymer has the exact specifications as the one on Botach.

I noticed you have the grip pod on your new build (Great looking rifle BTW!!!). If you deploy your grip pod, you can see the steel inserts on the insides of the legs...at least you can on mine.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts