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range report

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Hello all, just got back from shooting. Particulars: AR Performance custom upper, 18" stainless barrel, low profile gas block, mid-length gas with a rifle length forend and an A2 flash hider. Lower DPMS with a RRA LPK, stock trigger not 2 stage. PRI 5 round magazines and a Nikon Prostaff 2x7 scope with Larue mount.

Observation: never have to break in a precision barrel before, it took awhile and I kept getting looks like what is this guy doing. First 2 shots were dang near touching. Third shot problem with rifle would not go into battery and refused to be pulled back by the charging handle. About 4 good whacks on the forward assist, with th palm of my hand, it finally went into battery.
Pulled back on the charging handle and the round came out. Inspected round it was fine so I used it. Never had problem again. Went through about 60 rounds and no other problems.

Once I got the scope sighted in holy cow does this thing shoot. I managed to keep my groups at 1". With a heavy stock trigger I don't consider this to bad. No FTF or FTE. Other than the one problem mentioned above it was great. In anticipation of getting this upper I had bought a SSS flatwire spring and a H buffer. Didn't need them. I am a dinosaur so no pics as I don't have a digital camera or a cell phone

Most of you here know AR Performance but those of you who don't I can highly recommend Harrison, His work and attention to detail are outstanding.
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nfldraftdog, to answer your questions, I used SSA 115 gr OTM in their Tactical Loading. I started hand cycling and got bored after about 50 then I quit. I cleaned it after I got back from the range and posted the report. It wasn't as dirty as I thought it would be. But for break in I did clean it after every shot for the first 20 round box of ammo. Barrel is stainless and not chrome lined. As for copper fouling, I don't know what to look for. I used Hoppes and a nylon brush to clean it with. However it did clean up easier and sooner than my 556 chrome lined AR. The only thing that took a long time was me teaching my 6 year old daughter how to clean her 22 bolt rifle. Hope this answers your questions.
So basically, since I didn't use a copper remover then I didn't get it clean? If that is the case I'd hate to think what was in the barrels of my other weapons. YIKES! So do I need to get Sweets, KG12 or foaming bore cleaner? I have never used any of these products. But, I do want to take proper care of this rifle. Also, so if I use a copper remover the big thing is NOT to leave it in there overnight?
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